Getting in on the #IBDadvocacytag

You know that thing on the internet where someone does something, then tags a bunch of people to pressure them into doing the same? This is that. Although I genuinely felt no pressure from Eric (of Vegan Ostomy fame), who tagged me in the #IBDadvocacytag video sharing chain. That’s because he’s an all-around good guy, and because I do like getting involved in inflammatory bowel disease-related initiatives.

In this video, as in other #IBDadvocacytag videos, I answer the questions:

What form of IBD do you have?
Why is IBD advocacy important?
Describe a socially awkward moment with IBD.
What is a common stigma you run into?
What do you want other people to know about IBD?

I hope that the poor video quality, substandard audio quality, complete lack of editing and effects, and my dishevelled appearance don’t detract from the importance of talking about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and how they impact the people living with these chronic diseases.

I’m going to keep the chain going, and draw in some more wonderful Canadian IBD advocates. So it’s over to you, Emma Chapple, Kate Bray, Stacey Willins, and Montana Skurka. Have at it.

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